Alas, Poor DHS. I Knew Them, Horatio…

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In the beginning, it seemed like a bad ideaFederal Government Shutdown. Take a bunch of (marginally-related) government agencies and put them together under one umbrella. Kind of like Mike and Carol Brady getting married and making their six children one cohesive unit. Granted, the Brady Bunch worked. Well, there was the air of incest between Greg and Marcia (the basis of an on-line sitcom, Billy and Billie). But, still…

Over the years, however, the Department of Homeland Security went from somewhat of a laughingstock of federal agencies to the 3rd largest Cabinet-level agency with a vital mission of preventing another 9-11 (or worse catastrophe) from occurring on American soil. We wonder if, back in the early 2000’s when DHS’s most pressing concern was its employees fainting from an HVAC system that was out of their control, anyone considered that this agency would be the latest pawn in a game of chicken between the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government?

When asked regarding the continuing resolution, Speaker John Boehner gave this response:



Some pundits interpret Speaker Boehner’s “kiss-kiss” to be a metaphor for, “Kiss my @$$…” However, that has not been confirmed by the speaker, or by any other officials.

Would the DHS survive being de-assembled into its original components? Would the safety of America be jeopardized by this latest round of Capitol Hill politicking?



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