I just came over here to smoke!

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I anticipated enjoying my favorite lunch – pulled pork with coleslaw topping between two soft buns. The one thing that makes a great lunch better is to enjoy it with great company.

Smoking GirlSo, my buddy and I were at the local pub and since tables were all taken, we sat in an empty section of the bar.

The bar was maybe ½ full and the tables around the area were all empty. We got halfway through our iced teas when our sandwiches arrived. After the first bite, I knew for sure this was the greatest lunch ever.

Suddenly, this older woman came up between us and leaned her heavy frame across the bar. The bartender tried to hand a menu to her but she refused, saying in a brusque voice:

“I just came over here to smoke.”

My initial thought upon hearing that was, “Why come over here? The place is empty! Take your cancer sticks somewhere else!”

She had to bum a light from a guy across the bar, then came back to where my buddy and I were seated. As she proceeded to blow asphyxiating smoke all over our food, my buddy handed his credit card to the bartender and left half of his uneaten food behind.

As he commented, “food and smoke don’t mix,” the lady continued blowing smoke across my plate. I too left half the food on my plate and, as I exited, I wondered to myself…

What would Jesus do?

I quickly realized that He wouldn’t have baptized her with His glass full of iced tea glass and all), and so I resisted temptation to do anything other than to whisper quietly as I exited, “Father forgive her… she knows not what she is doing.”

Well, actually… she knew exactly what she was doing. Some people, huh?

I later wondered if Jesus would kick the tables over and beat her with a whip?




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