The New Boogie Man ?

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Over the years, there have been a number of myths (including the Bogeyman) used to scare children. A new myth has been created, The Slender Man, that provoke kids to commit acts of murder.

SlendermanThe Slender Man started in 2009 as a thread on the Something Awful[1.] or “SA” comedy website created by Richard “Lowtax” Kyanka[1. Lynch, Steven G. “Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka”.]. The Slender Man character quickly took a life of its own.

Somehow, from such innocuous beginnings, Slender Man became the catalyst for two pre-teen girls to attempt murder as a ceremonial act of service to this fictional character[1. Gabler, Ellen (June 2, 2014). “Charges detail Waukesha pre-teens’ attempt to kill classmate“. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.].

An article in Rolling Stone Magazine[1.] provides additional details… including images from the girls’ notebook and a Barbie doll with ceremonial markings[1.×405-SlenderMan.jpg]. You can see even more at The Blaze.

For information on the two girls who attempted to murder their classroom, follow the NBC News Timeline. Meanwhile, a happy note on the story of the girl they tried to murder can be read at People Magazine.




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