If Lorne Michaels Disses You?

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Victoria Jackson, a six-year member of the “Not ready for prime time players” was not part of the SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration, so she did the next best thing… she made a video attacking President Obama.

Victoria Jackson and Bill MurrayOn her web site, Victoria said:

I got a formal embossed invitation from Lorne Michaels…

She added:

There was no “drama.” I was placed in an “overflow room” but didn’t pay much attention to it until Robert Smigel came in there for some food, saw me, and asked me why I was sitting there for the past 2 1/2 hours. I told him that the usher looked at my bracelet and told me to sit here. They were pretty strict about it too. Smigel pointed out that I was the only cast member in the “overflow” room and Smigel insisted I go back with him into Studio 8H.

Check out the Inside Edition story:

And, here is Victoria’s video:





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