The African Renaissance Monument

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The African Renaissance Monument is. at over 160 feet, the tallest monument in Africa[1. Atlas Obscura: “African Renaissance Monument”]. Dedicated on April 4, 2010, Senegal’s “National Day,” the erection of the statue commemorated the 50th anniversary of Senegalese independence from France.

African Renaissance Monument

Dakar, SenegalLocated in Dakar Senegal, the monument was the result of roughly four-years of construction. The work was done by North Korean propaganda artists[1. Slate Magazine: “The Controversial Senegalese Monument Built by North Korean Propaganda Artists”] at the cost of an estimated $27-million.

This monument drew considerable controversy among the Senegalese population[1. BBC News: Senegal Colossus Proves Sore Point]. Besides objections to the nudity (one exposed breast), the statue reeks of Stalinist propaganda in an area surrounded by trash heaps and unfinished homes[1. Atlas Obscura:].

You may also enjoy the NPR Article (including a six-minute podcast) that expounds on the may issues surrounding this work of art[1. NPR: For Many in Senegal, Statue Is A Monumental Failure].



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