R.I.P. Lesley Gore

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Singing sensation Lesley Gore has exited the planet.Lesley Gore as “Pussycat” on the 1960’s Batman Series Lesley was famous for her hit songs during the 1960’s, but it is difficult to define her full life with any one definition.

  • She sang.
  • She composed music.
  • She had two top-ten hits.
  • She was an actress.
  • She appeared in over 20 television programs (including four appearances on he Ed Sullivan variety show).
  • She was an Academy Award nominee.
  • She was a Grammy nominee.
  • She was an activist.
  • She starred in two episodes of the classic Batman comedy series starring Adam West.
  • She hosted an LGBT-oriented public television program.

The Sarah Lawrence graduate grew up in an affluent Jewish family in the Garden State. Her fan club site shows that she was booked for appearances through 2016. She will be greatly missed by her friends, family and fans.


Quincy Jones, Millie Smalls, Lesley Gore

Quincy Jones, Millie Smalls, Lesley Gore





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