The Black Larry David

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I used to work with a guy who said his life was “Curb Your Enthusiasm” moments.TBLD Considering my penchant for curbing my enthusiasm, I had an epiphany. My first web series was destined to be, “The Black L.D.”

Whenever I share my YouTube channel with others, they say pretty much the same thing, as if it were scripted:

The Black Larry David? You had me right there…

Given the immense logistics required to assemble cast, crew and equipment, I went the CGI animation route. It is relatively quick and less expensive.

This technique also allows scenarios that are impossible, such as our episode featuring a visit with President Obama in the White House.
The Black Larry David Meets President Obama

I could theoretically label myself “The Black Seth McFarlane” given my penchant (out of necessity) for doing multiple voices in this and other Dwacon® web series.

The video featured at the top of this article is a wonderful exception. I was blessed to cast two of my friends in this episode:

British actress Catherine Balavage has an impressive resume that includes appearances in “Luther,” “Downton Abbey,” and the Punk Rock feature “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.”

Elaine Ballace is well known for her appearances in Mel Brooks films (including “Robin Hood: Men in tights” and “Dracula: Dead and Loving It”) as well as TV Series such as “Hawaii Five-O” and “Quincy M.E.”

New episodes of The Black Larry David are in various stages of pre-production. Doing CGI animation gives us a very broad canvas.

Granted, it would be fun to take this character to live action. Perhaps. Some day. One never knows. Then again, perhaps one does…




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