A “Flintstones” and “Star Trek” Mashup

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Having spent my childhood in front of the television, I absorbed hours of mind-numbing animation. This, however, is something that I would have much better appreciated.

Stone TrekkinBrian Matthews created the “Stone Trek” series, which at one time had its own web site. For some unbeknownst reason, Brian’s site went off-line and he effectively dissappeared from the grid. You may wish to visit The Stone Trek Wikia.

Tristan Lockheart has uploaded four episodes of Stone Trekkin’ to his YouTube Channel. You will get a kick out of them.

A more comprehensive compendium of Stone Trek episodes, in a smaller slower-loading format, may be found at this location.

Enjoy Brian’s boldly yabba-dabba-dooing what no man has ever yabba-dabba-done before…



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