Girls (And Boys) Behaving Badly

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The same social media that organized the “Black Lives Matter” protests organized a hugely contradictory activity. In a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a group of roughly a thousand teens gathered at the mall for a bout of hooliganism at its worst. The criminal activity closed the mall, causing an economic hit to the businesses in Monroeville.

Monroeville Mall
Brawl at the Mall

Monroeville Police Chief Doug Cole stated, “Separate groups of ‘young adults’ got into a series of fights.” Video posted to Facebook indicate that the fighters were female and their audience was a group of young men capturing the mayhem on their cell phone cameras

As reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“It wasn’t like it was an organized event,” Chief Cole said. Officers will investigate whether the incident was the result of any kind of protest, but the chief said there does not appear to be any evidence of that.

The first 911 call to Allegheny County dispatchers was made at 7:50 p.m., said Amie Downs, a spokeswoman for the county. A second call asking for additional support — which prompted officers from Wilkins, Pitcairn, Churchill and Trafford counties to respond — was made eight minutes later.

The fights spread, Chief Cole said, as groups of people were running from one side of the mall to the other.

The video below, provided by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was shot by Cory Clemente, a bystander in the mall:

The following video was provided by NBC News:

Apparently, other areas experienced similar (presumably social-media inspired) events in other parts of the country:

  • Several hundred teens fighting shut down the Independence Center in Independence, Missouri according to The Kansas City Star.
  • A similar event closed the Arden Fair Mall in Sacramento, California
  • Fighting was reported in the Wolf Chase Galleria mall in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Fighting broke out in the food court of Opry Mills Mall in Nashville, Tennessee

I guess we can be glad that this was (presumably) just a social media prank and not a harbinger of an ISIS inspired attack. Or, was it? If you read the blog we posted in October, there could conceivably be some cause for concern.

Regardless…. given that these modern day problems did not exist at this level for preceding generations, perhaps old school parenting may need to be revisited:

Old School Spanking



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