Marvel’s Avengers

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Things you never knew about Marvel’s Avengers, the-avengers-h_img_308x0 the highest grossing superhero motion picture.

Granted, Justice League of America has yet to be released. But, seriously, can Warner/DC come close to the mega-monster-hit that Disney/Marvel have created? Well, grasshopper… one can keep an open mind.

The video below provides some interesting trivia about the first Avengers film. It also includes peeks at hidden scenes, including deleted scene from the Edward Norton Hulk feature that ties in to an Avenger line of dialogue.

I think it would be worth buying the DVD if those scenes are included. I wouldn’t mind a 3-hour movie if it was intact that way.


Considering that there is perhaps an hour or more of material omitted from the recent Marvel films… can you imagine how much may have been from the yet-to-be-seen Age of Ultron? Check out the official trailer (below) for some clues on how that film will look:




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