Failed Pilots: “Daddy-O”

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The industry is changing from the good old days where people made a living appearing in pilots that never became shows. These days, you can appear in a pilot and not make enough money to pay for a good dinner, much less your mortgage or car note. But despite the lucrative nature of pilots in the old days… many of them were scrapped without ever being seen.

Daddy-O_001020A friend was commiserating about a pilot he did years ago. A stellar cast with an interesting concept… it never saw the light of day. That inspired us to feature some pilots from days of yore that never became beloved TV series.

From 1960, Don de Fore (who would later star in the comic strip inspired series Hazel) starred in a show that was way ahead of its time. It would be another 25 years until Garry Shandling successfully produced a show about a television show. But while Daddy-O did not get its day in the sun, it can make you laugh right now…





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