Wear Your Seat Belt for Safety

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When seat belts became de rigueur for all American automobiles, there were a plethora of Public Service Announcements (PSA) on television explaining why they must be used.

For example, take this one from Kentucky:

Today, wearing your seat belt is important for other reasons. Particularly if you are African-American. Recently, a driver in South Carolina made the mistake of removing his seat belt while pulling into a gas station. The trooper who pulled him over fired four shots that left the driver wounded and unable to feel his legs.

Then, there is the woman driver who wasn’t wearing her seatbelt while driving her family to the hospital where, according to her testimony, her mother was near death. In order to ensure her family’s safety, watch what the officers do:

Hopefully, in the future, these altercations can be avoided by having police officers throw a pumpkin into traffic to be run over by the offending driver’s vehicle. That was good enough in 1950 when seat belts were first instituted. Perhaps that is good enough for today?

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Then again…



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