Fall TV Season Favorites: Monday

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Most favorites were on at the same hour. Thanks to Anthony Wood, inventor of the DVR (and founder of Roku) that we were able to time shift them all. Of the five broadcast networks, here are my top four (in order of ranking):

Fox: Gotham

Fox Gotham

I can’t imagine many people who have never heard of Batman. The defender of Gotham City (a metaphor for New York) features David Mazouz (who co-starred with Kiefer Sutherland in the unfortunate Fox series, Touch) as young Bruce Wayne, surrounded by the heroes and villians of the Batman mythology… long before they reach the ages where they are most familiar. The writing was exceptionally crisp and the performances Emmy® worthy. Still, as well-written and produced as the pilot was, there are five questions remaining to be answered.

Fox: Sleepy Hollow

Fox Sleepy Hollow
This show, which combines classic horror, American history, and a soupçon of Bible theology, is the most anticipated return. Featuring a stellar (and ethnically diverse) cast, this show continues the characters’ ongoing quest to halt the apocalypse.

NBC: The Blacklist

NBC Blacklist

In the past, when I heard the name James Spader, I thought either of him calling George Costanza “big head” on that classic Seinfeld episode. Or, I thought about his film Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal. But now… I think about his Reddington character on this brilliant series. The first season created a set of mysteries… most of which were wrapped up by season end (while creating new threads). The second season starts off with a bang. Literally. Most thrilling is seeing Peter Stormare, a chameleon-like character actor whose every role is memorable.

CBS: Scorpion

CBS Scorpion

Given that this skein is reminiscent of the late CBS series NUMB3RS, the guest appearance of our good friend Alimi Ballard is surely a good luck sign for this freshman series. With one of our favorite Terminator characters in a lead role, this show should be a hit. Should being the operative word. But the pilot set a good foundation of the procedural plot, as well as the potential of the characters to congeal into an effective team (with the long-shot possibility of a bit of romance). Fingers crossed.

On another note, comparisons to Big Bang Theory are not empty. Read this article on the Hollywood Reporter to learn how those comparisons are literally spot on.




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