Star Trek Technology For Your Clothing?

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I was intrigued by an ad from Bed, Bath and Beyond for the Swash™ Clothing Care System. Like something out of a Star Trek episode, it is purported to refresh, deodorize and de-wrinkle your clothing items in ± 10 minutes.

SWASHWith the promise of saving your clothing from excessive washing and drying… and cutting your dry cleaning bill by a promised 50%, the Swash™ is reminiscent of the sonic clothes cleaning one might see in a Star Trek episode.

The basic Swash™ system retails for roughly $500.00 with a gallery of accessories including:

  • A dozen Tide Swash Pods™ (available in three fragrances) for $6.99
  • Two adjustable hangers for $9.99
  • Pocket smoothers for $4.99 each

The promotional video below provides show-and-tell of this new device:



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