Help Us WIN the NexTV Competition

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Dwayne Conyers is in competition with other talented directors for a heavy duty prize. Your vote will only take a few minutes of your time… but will help us immensely!

NexTVHow huge is the NexTV competition? Check out this list of industry heavy-weights who will be particpating in giving the winners the chance of their lifetime:

  • ICM
  • Talent Works
  • Peter Jackson
  • Robert Zemeckis
  • Steven Spielberg

Winning this competition will go very far in helping us move up to the next level.  So, how can you help?  All you need to do is view our video and vote for it. The steps involved…

Getting to the finals is extremely significant… and you can help. Won’t cost you a dime… just a wee bit of time. And we shall be ever so grateful!

Just one vote per person… but please spread the word!  As always, I appreciate your support.





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