Jem and the Holograms — The Movie

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We predicted this in our January 2013 blog post.

Jem and The HologramsOr, maybe producer Jason Blum read our blog and was inspired? Either way… our 2013 blog post predicted that Jem would be the next Hasbro big screen tentpole franchise, following fellow Hasbro creation G.I. Joe.

Granted, that and $5.00 might get me something at Starbucks. Maybe…

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about this exciting news for all of the Jem-philes out there. Blumhouse Productions and Scooter Braun Productions have hired Jon M. Chu to bring Jem to the big screen. And, they want you!

So… if you have acting, singing and dancing talent… Jon, Scooter and Jason want you to help them make this movie. It is a non-monetary kickstarter. So, if you want to be a part of bringing this movie to real life, watch this video below and follow their instructions:



If they want behind the camera contributions… Dwacon would recommend that the film not stray too far from formula. The fabulous Christy Marx came up with a comprehensive girl power meme with the original 80’s Hasbro cartoon. Girlpower is a good thing. Our concern… that the big-screen Jem might be more like:

Miley Cyrus Twerk




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