Want Obama’s Desk?

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Very few people have been inside the Oval Office. I personally stood outside but, like Moses, could not go in. Sorry, bad pun.

White House Resolute DeskBut now, you can have the HMS Resolute Presidential Desk with Executive Technology in your own home or office. The desk includes:

  • A “near tabletop size” retina-like display (hidden when not used by an automatic retractable panel)
  • In-desk central processor and solid-state hard drives
  • Secondary portable computer with synchronized tablet
  • Private network server for on-off Internet executive communications
  • Popup video conference panel
  • Indestructible safe and particle document shredder or optional laser incinerator
  • Personal bioelectronics (available in a chair-resident option) for executive health monitoring with continuous or periodic reporting to your physician or medical facility
  • And much, much more!

And it is all yours for the low, low price of…


Are you interested?

Check it out at The White House Gift Shop.




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