Teenage Boy Sexually Assaulted by Police

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This is the type of story that boggles the mind. A 16-year-old honor student had one his testicles ruptured during an assault by a female police officer in Philadelphia.

Stop and Frisk Victim from Philly’s Fox29Darrin Manning, a 16-year-old sophomore at Philadelphia’s Mathematics, Civics and Charter School, was in uniform, en route to a high school basketball game. Reportedly a straight-A student with zero disciplinary problems, Manning was handcuffed and patted down by a female officer. The officer allegedly grabbed his genitals, squeezing until one of his testicles ruptured, potentially rendering him infertile.

He was arrested and spent the night at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia after emergency surgery for the damage to his genitalia. He faces felony charges of aggrevated assault and resisting arrest.

This story has been covered by a few news organizations, including Philadelphia’s Fox News station, Philadelphia’s ABC News affiliate, CNN iReport, and The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. Below, a video clip from the Fox News affiliate:



While this seems a matter of unwarranted brutality, one must also consider the pressure that police in cities like Philadelphia endure, with record numbers of capital crimes committed by teens and young adults. Many of these are reported to include murder of law enforcement officers. So, how far to go to ensure public safety? And what steps can be taken to ensure that police don’t go overboard?

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