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Our good friend Charlie Peacock has released his latest recording. And… in celebration of its release on iTunes, a classic CP recording is also being made available. How cool is that. Tres kewl!

A note from Charlie:

Greetings from Nashville. I invade your inbox a few times a year and you graciously allow me to. Thank you. And of course, if you don’t want me to, you just opt-out. This time I’m here to tell you about LEMONADE. Not the drink, my new recording that just came out.

I could just copy the press release which would tell you that “Grammy Award-Winning Record Producer CHARLIE PEACOCK Releases New Jazz Album, LEMONADE, Available January 7th, 2014” (which is right now). It would also tell you that LEMONADE is  “A unique collection of solo piano improvisations from the producer of 2013 Year-End Best Listed and Grammy-nominated artists, including The Civil Wars, Holly Williams, and The Lone Bellow.” Fair enough, you can read the whole thing here if you want.

But what I really want to say is:

  1. I’d be honored to have you support my new recording, LEMONADE (Digital release only). Nothing would please me more than for people to enjoy something a little different from me – and different from the mainstream. Whether it’s my music or another artist’s, I want to live in a world where musicians can still experiment and risk. And so I’m asking you to enter into the risk with me and support music that pays homage to great piano improvisers, but tries to travel some new roads too.
  2. If you’re willing to sign up for #1, then let’s link arms and make LEMONADE a success on the jazz charts. Most importantly, let’s keep a culture alive that allows for a mostly pop record producer to make an improvisational piano record and do well at it. Some of that is selfish. But those of you who know me, also know I’m usually working a bigger angle too. I am. Let’s celebrate the wonderful diversity of music in the world!

So, many thanks for download purchases at iTunes and Amazon, Twitter RT, Likes, Shares, Comments, reviews, and just goodwill in general. Best to you and happy new year. You’re all solid, righteous folk. Peace to you.






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