Doctor Who

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I have heard about Doctor Who for years, but only recently started watching episodes of this BBC series on PBS.

The Tardis from Doctor WhoDoctor Who is notable for its ever-changing cast of leads. The first Doctor changed appearance when the actor portraying him, William Hartnell, faced health-related issues. The current (and youngest ever) Doctor, portrayed by Matt Smith, has passed the baton to Peter Capaldi in the series’ 800th episode, The Time of the Doctor. You can satisfy your thirst for Doctor Who at

For those of you who wish to stock up on Doctor Who paraphernalia, there is a sale going on at the BBC America Shop. But, hurry… the Boxing Day Sale ends on January 14th.

Next, we wanted to share a video from TheFlixx which blends Richard Swarbrick’s animation of Doctor Who with the early MTV hit song, Take On Me.



And finally, for those who enjoy taking a peek at behind-the-scenes television, below is a clip featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan shooting a scene from Doctor Who:





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