R.I.P. Charles Ward “Chuck” Smith

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A favorite childhood memory was hearing Evie singing The Spirit Song followed by the warm fatherly voice of Chuck Smith preaching a simple yet powerful gospel message.

Pastor Chuck Smith

Pastor Chuck Smith

Charles Ward “Chuck” Smith has run his race and crossed the finish line. A California native, Chuck was influenced by his wife Kay to preach to the hippies hanging out searching for truth in the 1960’s. The subsequent “Jesus People” phenomenon was featured in Time Magazine for its success among “hippies” and young people.

Listen to this clip from CBS radio [embedded below] that includes commemorations by some of Chuck’s fellow pastors.



You my not know Pastor Chuck. But, if you are in a church that has contemporary worship and through-the-Bible teaching, then you have been influenced by him. You are encouraged to read this article in Christianity Today that commemorates the life of this general in God’s army.

Chuck not only leaves behind several thriving Calvary Chapel and related churches across the U.S.A., but hundreds of audio messages and over 1,000 sermon notes at his web site, www.twft.com/.

He will be missed…




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