Finally… A 21st Century Product!

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Immediately, this classic song by the Steve Miller Band comes to mind…



Time seems to have actually slipped into the future. How so? The age of the personal jetpack is here. Sort of.

The Martin Jetpack

Hmm… I wonder if I should have picked Elton John’s Rocket Man? Anyway… this may not be what we saw as kids on Saturday mornings… but I think I would like to own one.


The Martin Aircraft company has received a license to fly this device that can go as high as 8,000 feet for a duration of roughly 30 minutes. And, it runs on good old petrol (that’s gasoline to us Yanks). Also, in case you miscalculate the amount of gas you have available… there is a parachute to get you to the ground in relative safety.
The New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority has given a permit for experimental flights of no higher than 20 feet above ground (25 feet over water). And, test flights must be over uninhabited land.

To learn more about this personal flying machine… speculated to cost roughly a quarter-million dollars… visit The Martin Jetpack web site.

And now… let’s see this machine in action, at 5,000 feet…





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