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When my friend Jen Grisanti asked if I would review her new book…Jen Grisanti I jumped at the opportunity. It was not only an opportunity to learn from a very successful business executive, but also to glean insights from the mind of someone whom I greatly admire.  Jen has great life experiences (both stratospheric highs and crushing lows) that all may relate to.

Jen Grisanti’s BookAs Jen mentions in her Huffington Post article, our life journey is like the screenplay that architects a motion picture. Perhaps God is the great screenwriter/director orchestrating the events of our lives. Still, we often provide notes (as a studio or network executive might) that change the course of our lives. In that regard, Jen’s book gives the reader instructions and exercises to help you make those changes stick.

This book is not just an academic expository. Jen pours her heart and soul into every chapter. Using intimate life experiences, Jen shows us how we can rewrite our lives and move forward into greater levels of success.

You can buy Jen’s book at many fine retailers, including:

This is a must-read for everyone looking to change their lives. In the video below, Jen describes her book in greater detail:



For more on Jen Grisanti, visit her web site.




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