Hollywood Remakes We Would Love to See

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Here is a show that Hollywood needs to remake…Inside OUTInside O.U.T. was a Get Smart type comedy that starred Bill Daily (between his roles on “I Dream of Jeannie” and “The Bob Newhart Show.”)

His co-star was a very young Farrah Fawcett (before her breakout role in Charlie’s Angels.

That wasn’t the first time Daily would work with Fawcett.

Check out this clip:



The show also featured a number of other TV Land favorites such as Mike Henry (pictured).  So, how about somebody update this classic with some of today’s comedic talent?

Johnny Depp did a great job as Barnabas Collins.  Maybe he could take on the role of a bumbling private investigator?  No… maybe someone like Zach Galifinakis?  Yeah… that sounds good.  But who would be his co-star?

While you cogitate on that… consider another flop that you probably don’t remember.  It was a comedy Western that featured

TV Land blows the dust off of this and brings it out… as well as the other flops that no one knows… like the failed slapstick western, RANGO starring Tim Conway as Rango Starr.

And no… he didn’t play drums for a band from Liverpool. He did, however, fall off of his horse a lot:





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