How Tron Should Have Ended

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I can remember, as a wee youngster living in Europe, seeing the geek flick Trontron-legacy-poster for the first time. My buddies and I did not understand a thing that we saw… we just were amazed at the (then) cutting-edge computer animaged graphics.

Decades later, Disney released a sequel. Us grown-up geeks who enjoyed the original Tron as kids wanted to relive the excitement.

The sequel had superior effects. And superior writing. They created a great CGI version of a young Jeff Bridges. Unfortunately, there seemed no money left to take Bruce Boxleitner back to his youth.

Okay, here goes a funny cartoon from the talented and wildly warped How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) team; this video shows how the original Tron should have ended. Check it out below:



End of line…


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