Subtle Political Jabs?

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Perhaps it is a mistake? Or, maybe it is intentional? Who knows…

First, the HBO series Game of Thrones uses an impaled head that resembled former President George W. Bush…

Game of Thrones Prop

Granted, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that the producers did a digital edit after that episode aired to make the prop look a bit less than our former President.

But what kind of edits will the producers of the History Channel’s miniseries The Bible make now that pundits have noted that the character of satan seems to bear a resemblance to current President Barack Obama?


According to The Christian Post, the actor cast as satan, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazani, bears a similarity to Obama. Take a look at this trailer for the miniseries, featuring Ouazani at the end of the clip…



NBC’s Today also did a clip on this… anomaly?


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