R.I.P. Sally Starr

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We are sad to have learned that an iconic figure from our childhood… Alleen Mae Beller (a/k/a Sally Starr) has exited the planet after 90 years of bringing smiles to millions of faces with her singing, acting (including a film alongside The Three Stooges), and a quarter-century hosting a popular television program based in Philadelphia.

Sally Starr

Of course, if you are not from Philadelphia (or the surrounding area), you have no idea who I am talking about. But Philadelphia is one of the few cities with a thriving local production schedule that paralleled what the national networks were providing. The Philadelphia PBS affiliate produced a documentary about those great programs of those good old days. You can view that documentary in the video widget below:


Watch Philly’s Favorite Kids Show Hosts on PBS. See more from WHYY Specials.


There is a lovely tribute to Sally’s legacy on tvparty.com.

Rest in Peace, Sal. Lots of love and lollipops.




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