Tavi Gevinson Takes On Colbert

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How many 16-year-old girls have their own Wikipedia Page?Tavi Gevinson Multi-hyphenate Tavi Gevinson is a writer, magazine editor, actress and singer.  And all before she reaches legal voting age.

With a staff of teenage girls helping manage her teenage empire, Tavi is truly an internationally renowned expert of fashion.

Tavi has also made multiple appearances on national television; recently to plug her new book, based on the first year of her on-line magazine.

There are people three-times her age who haven’t accomplished a third of her achievements.

Perhaps the most awe-inspiring moment was Tavi successfully taking on Stephen Colbert… and coming out on top. Check out the video below:



In a few years, when Tavi owns Madison Avenue and Rodeo Drive…

What do you think?





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