Have a McSteamy Cuppa Coffee…

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Okay, technically Patrick Dempsey’s character on Gray’s Anatomy was McDreamy. However, his recent business acquisition may have earned him the name McSavvy.

Patrick DempseyThe actor we remember in the role of Randy Bodek has outbid the venerable Starbucks chain to win the ownership of Tully’s Coffee. His company Global Baristas LLC outbid Starbucks at Tully’s bankruptcy auction.

The most crushing blow to Starbucks would have to be their losing the opportunity to change the name on those cups from “Tully’s” to “Starbucks.” Dempsey and his team plan to maintain the Tully’s name and continue the coffeemaker’s competition for consumers’ dollars.

According to an article in The Huffington Post:

The combined bids of Starbucks and the undisclosed bidder come to $10.6 million, above the $9.2 million Dempsey’s company is offering to pay through his company, which was formed in order to purchase Tully’s.

Tully’s may be the underdog in this fight, but it now has a powerful and popular ally. Let’s see if McDreamy can increase the coffee chain’s fortunes.

CNN did an interview with Dempsey to discuss this move. Check it out in the video widget below…





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