Sometimes it Feels like Somebody’s Watching Me…

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Ever get that feeling like you were being watched?

Peeping Toms

A disturbing development at Starbucks locations across the United States involves perverted creeps placing WiFi cameras in women’s toilets and streaming video of women and children using the toilet over the internet.  Definitely worthy of 30 days in the electric chair… at least!

The video widget below, from the Washington DC CBS affiliate, shows an investigative report in which creeps are using all sorts of recording devices in the ladies room… even one that looks deceptively like a coat rack. Yikes!


Starbucks is not the only place where this sort of thing happens. You can check out this article about a camera towel rack that took video of women showering in a gym locker room.

One creep put a digital camera in his shoe and attempted to photograph women trying on bathing suits by sticking his foot under the door of the changing rooms. Said creep is now in jail where likely the inmates are putting the tips of their shoes somewhere quite uncomfortable for him. Check out this CNN video clip:


Embedded video from <a href=””>CNN Video</a>Don’t think it is just in public venues where the pervs can have at you. One unfortunate young woman had spy software installed on her laptop that would take and transmit video whenever she walked into the room. You can read the details about this at Ars Technia web site.




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