Beyond Obama vs. Boehner…

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Thank you Alex Gibney for enlightening usFilmmaker Alex Gibney about the true nature of the political battle we have been watching. It confirms the suspicions of many of the true nature of the political wrangling that has intensified since the moment Obama first ran for the White House.

It is a shame very few people follow PBS. But at least Mitt Romney will not be taking Public Television away. If he did… we would miss great documentaries like the Independent Lens episode Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream. This documentary sheds light on the fight between the right and the left… Fox News and the liberal media

Take a look at e trailer for this awesome film:

Watch Is the American Dream Out of Reach? on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.


For more, check out the page for this film on Independent Lens.

Also, there is a great blog by the filmmaker you should read.




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